Algorithms in C/C++ Level (V)

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Mar 26 2021
Jun 11 2021


Friday (03/26/2021-06/11/2021)

CS Algorithms in C/C++ Level (V) F 4-6
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Registration period

Registration for this schedule starts on 02/15/2021 and ends on 03/29/2021


Participants must currently be in grades 8 to 12.

Location online




 Students will progressively advance their programming skill at their own pace.  Levels from B to V.  Please view the syllabus for details. arduinoBundleKit



Computer Science and Engineering - Grade 8-12


Learning Tool:

 Will  need to purchase a book, and download programming software  (free).  Please visit here for details.   



  • MUST possess High proficiency in Algebra I.  If participant  currently is not a SR student, please send us a school transcript or any document which proves participant has met this requirement.
  • MUST love analysis. There will be a lot of analytical work, not just programming syntax.
  • MUST love mind challenge.

NOTE: While this workshop will not use the robot itself, knowledge learned from this workshop is indispensable to write robust robotics programs.


Registration is expired.